06-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog cement walking when people tell me not to do something
lost track of husband while shopping bears sex positions
corporate email starter pack 2020 open letter covid bad racism totes woke
democrats kneeling spectacle schumer pelosi harris nadler spartacus
cdc facts about wuhan two months later sponge bob
welcome to 2020 where people are offended by cartoon characters elmer fudd paw patrol
smokey yall need stop setting fire sumbitches need something burn trump wins reelection
oppose confederacy chaz is by definition
egyptian pyramids get them down built by slaves
so if while racist unless liberal black unless support trump rioting patriot immune from covid 19
rioters in seattles chaz desperate for food toiletries congratulations achieving true communism so quickly
liberal protesters took over several city blocks autonomous zone called state universities
if democrats can riot republicans can rally

The More You Know

1964 longest democrat filibuster for civil rights act

Tweets of the Day

tweet the left controls every major institution media hollywood big tech if institutional racist whose fault
tweet dan crenshaw if you create autonomous zone dont get demand long list of capitalist supplies

Quote of the Day

quote chris cuomo show me where protests supposed to be peaceful first amendment

Adventures in Fake News

The Year 2020 should be a textbook example taught in schools on how the media manufactures news to create hatred, hysteria, division, and fear…all to destroy political opponents and bring about whatever ideology & narratives they want to push, regardless of the truth.

cnn lightens photo man drove into protesters media wants race war

Other Links That May Interest You

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NBC News Tweets Show How Coronavirus Is Only a Concern in Crowds When Trump’s Involved

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