06-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

New Meme Gallery Added

Antifa Meme Gallery

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

thank god smoking in boys room in 1973 now vaping in gender neutral area
when you spend all day posting overthrowing government two guys from quantico pizza
so far 2020 look both ways before crossing street hit by plane
dont let infection spread std 2020 stop the democrats
millenials when they find out restaurant hasnt released statement condemning racism crying
how trump sees voters americans how democrats see pie chart by race
all money left spent to ban guns only one they got elmer fudd
yoda racist i am not hate everyone equally many colors assholes
riot season covid season bugs bunny daffy duck
jesus fish bread gluten free vegan fish tested for mercury
what liberals think they look like virtue signaling reality nadler pelosi
so democrat party is party protects union members except police
mainstream media thank you for staying away from riots protests coronavirus but we need you now at trump rallies
we are here to smash fascism put left fascism in action antifa


americas most endangered species florida panther red wolf bill of rights

Tweets of the Day

tweet state communism higher death toll that nazism yet latter is only one everyone agrees bad thing eric july
tweet herman cain 100 previous arrests for suspect punched old woman
tweet andrew cuomo businesses violate shutdown responsible for sidewalk

Quotes of the Day

dont believe everything you read on the internet ben franklin lincoln 1974
quote v for vendetta words offer means censors systems of surveillance coercing your conformity

Message of the Day

message chaz seattle autonomous zone doing what accuse trump of

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