06-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when still wearing zoom meeting outfit no pants suit
if you havent used phonebook map record player cant appreciate todays technology
if someone says safe to go to store but not vote in person they want to cheat in election change my mind
remember when robocop corporate america aids criminals incite riots privatize police force
smudge angry lady cat sure things will be back to normal by july
look at all the racism we ended fires burning sounds of music
survey end of world place your bets earthquake plague human stupidity love democracy
democrats pelosi biden schumer pelosi kneeling to rioting looting anarchy not america
my 2020 passport stamps bathroom kitchen facebook zoom meeting
gump you mean democrats demanding reparations for slaves they owned republicans freed
howard stern grovel time this weeks contestant
teachers union and we will use children to maintain wages not have to compete like non union
sam elliot saddle up boys time to play cowboys and antifa

Tip of the Day

If you have to explain to 99 percent of the country why something is “racist”, then it’s not racist.

University of Florida bans ‘Gator Bait’ fight song over ‘horrific historic racist imagery’

Voices the Left Most Want to Silence? Black Conservatives

youtube creating 100 million fund black creators censors black conservatives candace owens

Message of the Day

message history not there to like or dislike to learn if offends even better

Tweets of the Day

tweet kambree while removing elmer fudd gun remove rap music promotes violence and hate
tweet guide to leftspeak dunbar white supremacy fundamental change rights
tweet candace owens attention ceos business owners please grow a spine

Quote of the Day

quote george carlin policial correctness newest form of intolerance

Question of the Day

question why is colin kaepernick allowed to have opinion but now drew brees or tim tebow

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