06-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

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you can leave 5000 dollars unattended will get every time if m and ms your fault
entering lockdown politically apathetic leaving libertarian wine explosion
what i thought 2020 would be like futuristic actual explosions uber eats
mother just informed me first sex party gender reveal
tar feather the truth academia anybody else want to disagree with left wing mob
racism explained for dummies white brown egg same on inside
black privilege when you can make up hate crime blame on white trump supporters no charges jussie smollett
lucky charms offensive to irish just kidding not offended by jack shit not pussies
babylon bee washington post calls on patriots to rename offensive

Tweet of the Day

tweet system racism is when college application is openly treated differently depending on box you check

Quote of the Day

quote joe biden cannot let this civil war pandemic second fiddle
ralphie oh boy my biden wtf are you saying decoder ring

Message of the Day

message did people dark ages know our ability to examine ideas discuss hold beliefs regressed to medieval levels

Random Thought of the Day

Pay attention to the wording used by mainstream media outlets when covering a story. Almost always, the reporters use the exact same words to cover the narrative of the day. For example, when the U.S. passed 100,000 deaths according to CDC totals, EVERY mainstream media outlet–NY Times, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Wash Post, ABC, etc.–said the country passed a “grim milestone today.” Now, the U.S. is facing a “spike in cases” of covid. Reporters thinking independently could use an infinite number of phrases to cover the story: “increase in cases”, “faster rate of corona cases”, “reversal in growth rate”, etc. However, the stories are covered almost word-for-word the same way. What does that tell you? Are media reporters independently stumbling on the same stories, or are they just reciting whatever brainwashing instructions have been given to them for the day?


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