06-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

last time ask me to make salad lettuce tomato vagina
never wanted to steal sign so badly no people
behold new statue has arrived snowflakes
spiderman coronavirus spring allergies weed cough
bad police doctors ministers politicians compared to good ones
riots were coordinated strategic soros left wing groups violence lie
fuck white people im helping simpsons
no cant have statues villain evil che tshirt liberals
if liberals love all ideals why moving from new york california to texas florida
babylon bee fox announces night at the museum statues revenge
nbc now pulling wizard of oz offensive people without brains

Seriously, Twitter Snowflakes?

twitter tweet autonomous zone censorship

Tweets of the Day

tweet max abrams lesson from bolton wrong side every major foreign policy issue embraced media darling
tweet bill mitchell democrats sent hundreds of thousands of fake rvsps to trump rally imagine what theyd do mail in votes

Message of the Day

message second lockdown isnt happening no more masks frantic warnings

Quote of the Day

quote thomas jefferson predict happiness for americans if can prevent government from wasting labors taking care of them

Spoiled, Brainwashed Tech Kids Update

Thousands of these spoiled, rich brats signed an anti-police petition. Remember, these are the programmers who develop all the search algorithms that control what information you see and don’t see.

Google Staff Petition Company to Stop Selling Tech to Police

google we decide what you see
question google in control on 90 percent of searches election interference
google vs merriam dictionary definition of patriot
google twitter facebook putting thumb scale election crushing democracy

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