06-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

emergency procedure if mainstream media bullshit choking cnn bbc nbc washington post
black lives wont matter to democrats after november 3rd election
texas releases red map of gun owners
2020 not like i thought it was going mask sign like underwear
breaking bubba wallace finds burnt cross in garage stall
random person you arent wearing mask not wearing underwear either
george washington statue compared to protester loser
meanwhile at joe biden residence trump is afraid of me hiding in basement
babylon bee navy seals to replaced with social workers
generation x before all you sissies born baby drinking beer
we live in society rapist celebrities lecture morality trangenders teenagers socialists
chop capitol hill occupied protest not wall barrier trump
please dont feed chop creates dependent population mess
bubba wallace noose 15 fbi agents compared to ida wells 1890
babylon bee man horrified kids give him noose for fathers day tie

Let’s Summarize

list not acceptable to left aunt jemima paw patrol ok rioting attacking police

Tweet of the Day

tweet thomas sowell historians in future will find hard how organized jackasses lead majority into silence

Quote of the Day

quote west history not there for you to like or dislike to learn from

Message of the Day

its time to take a stand will u let them ban cops destroy history

Can We Please Stop Call These Communist Thugs “Protesters”

Crowds Tear Down Statues, Apparently Attack Wisconsin State Senator

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