06-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dogs why are all humans wearing muzzels theyre biters
kids today never know motley crue song in teddy ruxpin
chunk when you do ab check in mirror just flex the fat
me watching news 2020 what happens next shining nicholson
wait until the people who just want to left alone get involved
me trying to figure out how my kid failed math homework i did
obama biden hand puppet you aint black
bubba wallace not victim cnn not news don lemon not journalist
cnn politics state polls suggest biden clear national lead back to future hey ive seen this one
democrats holding sign trump is destroying america
american eagle wrestling flag from nazis soviets toppling statues
babylon bee cities protecting statues by disguising as karl marx
joe biden lying dogfaced pony trump couldnt fill tulsa arena basement
bubba wallace claims group masked white guys jacked car stole tires
jussie smollett what happens when supply of racists doesnt meet demand bubba wallace

Censorship Update

Anyone who watches South Park knows there it is probably the most politically incorrect show on TV. There is no group it won’t make fun of or offend. Christians have probably been the biggest target all the way back to their original Jesus-vs-Santa Claus episode. The same streaming service that removed Gone with the Wind, HBO Max, has found another topic to censor.

HBO Max Removes 5 ‘South Park’ Episodes That Featured Muhammad

Question of the Day

question what part of libertarian dont you like taking control of life or giving up control of others

Tweets of the Day

tweet brad parscale anonymous source told me breaking story no confirmation mainstream media
tweets post tom fitton 1 million coronavirus stimulus payments sent to dead people mail in voting no fraud

Quote of the Day

quote v vendetta costs nothing to speak out silent costs everything

Message of the Day

message all it took republican willing to fight reveal democrats hatred for america

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  1. Libertarian one is the best simple summary of libertarianism ever. Great images as always.

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