06-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

joey tribbiani joni what is your name anus dont like this game
parrot lost sign bbq come early supplies limited
dont want to adult today want to goat gonna eat all day head butt if try to stop
black lives matter blm engine marxism
summer with covid hysteria mainstream media weekend at bernies
kermit all these riots not one maga hat
coronavius is mutating soviet hammer sickle
if you cancel 4th of july festivals because government says so missing point of independence day
breaking news kkk hoods found bubba wallace garage water cooler
black man beats white macys employee to ground mainstream media garage door pull rope
companies trying to decide market 2020 pride stay home black lives matter sponge bob

Question of the Day

question of day wouldnt it be better to teach history than erase it

Tweet of the Day

tweet donald trump jr jimmy kimmel apology roseanne comparison

Random Thoughts of the Day

American political parties collect BILLIONS of dollars every campaign. Add to that billions put into election interference from Russia, China, and other enemies of the country. What do you think is more effective–a few robocalls & TV ads? Or is it easier to get the results they want by spending on I.T. pros to spread fake info on the web, stock/bond transactions to manipulate financial market stability, “protesters” to create the perception of chaos, “journalist” bribes to spread fear & hysteria, opposition research firms to dig up every ounce of dirt on opponents, and so on? There are no election year coincidences, and 2020 is no exception. This is all engineered by despicable people who care far more about holding power than the fate of everyday Americans.

george soros puppet master moveon npr cbs media matters abc cnn associated press
american circus biden pelosi antifa protester looting puppets
friends in 2018 says democrats destroy country to stop trump conspiracy theory is it though

Quote of the Day

quote bruce lee most dangerous person is one who listens thinks and observes

Message of the Day

message health is not result of zero germs robust immune system regularly exposed learns to fight them naturally

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