06-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

just realized never been easier time teens to buy beer wont take off mask
me social distancing this summer not about safety sick of everyones shit
have lived her 7 years picked up cans bottles drink real beer odouls
umbrella haircut honest not weirdest thing in 2020
scrubs when black girl asks if her butt is big you say hell yeah
mainstream media why covid 19 keep spreading beach church protests throw out window
aoc give me one reason somebody needs 30 round clip everything about last week
hitler liked burning books too social justice taliban
statue thinker tore down mob rule at odds with who we are
just wear mask government track your locaion inject you give up guns get on the box train
mainstream media lets get peaceful protesters view on george floyd left wing mob who torch
nascar said found rope bubba wallace garage fake noose mexican word of day
dixie chicks now the chicks who gives a shit
bubba wallace finds kkk uniforms draped over bed in hotel room

Flashback Reminder

democrats then now burned churches wore masks destroyed black owned businesses

Tweets of the Day

tweets judging people by content of character free speech now right wing position

Question of the Day

people damn more police training how about children act common sense

Quote of the Day

quote martin luther king violence never brings permanent peace solves no social problem

Random Thought of the Day

Just a question, has anyone reading this ever seen or heard of a single instance EVER of a liberal person being censored by Big Tech? How about getting one of the stupid warnings from Facebook or Twitter saying, “False Information”, “Violates Community Standards”, or “We’ve Covered the Video”, etc? I’m guessing all the liberal fascists wouldn’t be so on board with shredding the First Amendment if it was they who were being censored.

democrats decided that constiution cant change free speech so let google facebook twitter do it

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