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07-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

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Math Lesson

A math example on testing availability:

Month 1: 1000 actual cases, 100 tests conducted, 5% positive rate = 5 total cases by official CDC totals
Month 2: 100 actual cases, 2000 tests conducted, 5% positive rate = 100 total cases by official CDC totals

So actual cases are 1/10th what they were, but official totals show an “increase” of 5 to 100.


And we now know from antibody tests and asymptomatic positive cases the survival rate is over 99.9%, even factoring in the nursing home debacles that accounted for almost half of cases.

Translation: don’t believe the media bullshit. Let’s go back to our normal lives and get to herd immunity.

Adventures in Government Screwups

Coronavirus: IRS Sent Stimulus Checks to 1 Million Dead People

I’m sure there will be 0 problems though when we have mail-in voting. 👌

Should We Be Surprised?

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