07-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

alcohol sunlight kills covid if drunk naked conducting medical experiments
amazing moment masks arrive can go shopping fangs
only one person can make virus disappear without trace carole baskin
all im saying alcohol tastes better when life is messed up
jeffrey epstein associate maxwell arrested by fbi suicide hotline hillary like to place an order
white privilege being called racist by people who see nothing except color of your skin
2020 in 20 years telling kids dragged butt across lawn both ways dodging murder hornets
joe biden accomplished nothing 50 years in washington please give me chance to continue
notice spike in virus cases more people tested iq test alarming rise in idiots
you wonder why silent majority is silent cancel culture

It’s Science


Tweets of the Day

tweet princeton university removing woodrow wilson repeal tax reserve racist
tweet if your revolution endorsed sponsored by corporactions censored big tech lock in of ideology

Quote of the Day

quote thomas paine reap benefits must bear fatiuqe eagle time to take back what is ours

Message of the Day


Rules Are for the Peasants, Right Dr. Fauci?

dr fauci camera off mask off

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