07-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

little doctor who cried wolf dont wear mask dr fauci niaid
world getting too sensitive soon wont be able to make fun of myself
la county most new covid cases must be bars not protesters
black lives matter white liberals capitalism sucks defund police burn it down
when you get run over want to peacefully protest stopping traffic break windows drag drivers out speed bump
clown makeup stay inside ocd deplete immune system toxins
whose life should we destroy next cancel culture crows
england gonna need more taxes on tea colonists suck our star spangled ding dongs
happy birthday america democrats setting fire republicans eyes closed
happy independence day trump democrats americ never great racist
babylon bee fbi hires top rated bodyguard to protect maxwell

Don’t Buy from This Anti-American Pathetic Excuse for a Company

nike removed all washington redskins merchandise sweatshops in china
iwo jima censored if nike had it their way
official shoe of antifa nike made in china soviet logo

Tweet of the Day

tweet bradford husband says wants to divorce lets do whole family rv across country

Quote of the Day

quote joe biden i dont work for you he works for same fuckers gave us the virus

Message of the Day

im willing to diet for my rights are you willing to die trying to take them

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