07-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when coronavirus over can we keep doing curb side drink pick up
wife tie me up do whatever you want husband fishing
if people were told to get in cattle cars to virus protection camps most would rush to get in line
community responders robbers take your bike ask how you feel
tested positive sick of this shit 20 may be contagious
aoc if youre going to wear a mask dont remove it to blow little covid bubbles
how do you know good guys not burning buildings erasing history attacking police silencing free speech
british you are in violation quarantine social distancing what are you boys doing with big cannon
england america different spellings colour humor washington getting rid of u
babylon bee lebron james pulls over to lecture homeless man on white privilege

Tweet of the Day

tweet hannah cox you cant strangle industry regulations mandates government control then blame capitalism when it sucks

Quote of the Day

quote jordan peterson never apologize to a mob not dealing with individuals soulless idea

Messages of the Day

message i was raised didnt just grow up please thank you respect elders hold door treat people well
message its ok to love your country eagle flag

Let’s Review

who did it democrat killed lincoln jfk mlk slavery jim crow confederacy republicans considered racist

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2 thoughts on “07-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

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    1. Extract of USNEA 2. Candida Crush 3. Artemisia. Any of these, if taken
    at 10 drops 3 x per day for 3 days, will kill the virus. I have used these successfully with clients more than 30 times.

    • Thanks, Michael! Unlike Facebook, Google, or Twitter, we won’t censor anyone here who discusses Covid remedies. 🙂

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