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07-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

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Random Thought of the Day

If you haven’t read all the CDC Covid guidelines, let me summarize:

1) If it brings an ounce of joy to any one person, it must be banned!
2) If the activity is too essential to be banned, we recommend you add masks, OCD scrubbing, and a long list of requirements designed to make sure nothing positive or enjoyable comes from the experience.

Our motto: ‘We want you to live a long, miserable, boring life.'”

Big Tech Fascism Push

List of Companies Boycotting Facebook Ads Until They More Thoroughly Censor Conservatives, Libertarians, and Free-Thinkers

Tweets of the Day

Quote of the Day

Message of the Day

PC Cancel Culture/Censorship Update

Fired for Speaking the Truth – John Stoessel
Liberals Will Come for You Sooner Than You Think – Derek Hunter
Amazon Pulls All Washington Redskins Merchandise from Website

Question of the Day

Other Links That May Interest You

Amid a Pandemic, Wokeist Media Experiencing a Psychotic Break with Reality – Becket Adams
Model that Predicted All But Two Presidential Elections Since 1912: 91 Percent Chance Trump Win in 2020
President Trump Announces He Disagrees with CDC’s Unrealistic, Expensive and Overly Intrusive Guidelines for Opening Schools

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