07-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

breaking news common sense now endangered species taken over world no known cure
maxwell every time guard walks up to cell sweating epstein suicide
black lives matter wolf sheeps clothing cash corporate america
babylon bee nike execs stop breathing kaepernick points out racists breathed in 18th century
gun shop no mask we shoot people with them sign
kkk blm whte people born traits privileges white race`
imagine virus so dangerous you have to be tested to even know you had it covid
board same people defund police said dont need guns because of police
you wanted zombie apocolypse you got it rioters destroying cities
paintring over blm rioters not charged now really under arrest

Random Thought of the Day

I hear a lot about false negative or positive covid tests, so they often have to re-test. I’m wondering, if a person gets 3 positive tests, does that count as “3 new cases”, and if they die, 3 deaths? Not that we’ve EVER been given reason to doubt CDC & media numbers. They would never lie or fudge the numbers to inflate counts and create more hysteria & panic, would they?! 🤔😱

math is math incredibles

Freedom Is On the Brink

control education minds health care bodies votes media thoughts others destroy hillary obama pelosi democrats

Tweet of the Day

tweet larry elder revenge culture washington post renaming

Quote of the Day

quote ronald reagan we people tell government what to do doesnt tell u

Questions of the Day

question reparations were you a slave mother grandmother

Message of the Day

message every politician who wants to ban guns only allowed to arm body guards cell phone call police

Big Tech Facism Update

Lately, you’ve probably seen videos of People of Color engaging in unprovoked attacks on white people, especially at Black Lives Matter “protests”. The word is out at Big Tech, another part of the truth will now be censored.

reddit banning people of color anything showing videos of attacks stats police reports

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