07-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

3 stages of life ferris bueller cameron rooney
defund the corporate press sign mainstream media
next time bullies ask about mask tell them left on their moms dresser
not now carla cnn about to tell me what i believe pussy hat
joe biden corn pop fat dog faced you aint black don lemon cnn tears
joe bidens favorite new disney princess colin kaepernick
tom hanks i dont respect anyone who doesnt wear mask i dont who epstein flight logs
liberals how dare you criticize veteran tammy duckworth michael flyy remember me
washington redskins warren

The New Obedience Fascist Control of America: Masks

obey they live notice how quickly stay home became you must support protests wear mask
when someone asks me why dont wear mask 99.9 percent survival like oxygen dont believe bullshit
more you know graph of covid mask mandatory
muslim worn face coverings entire life still major covid 19 outbreaks
read box mask not protection against covid 19 holding eyes open

Tweet of the Day

tweet matt walsh average inner city kid no father listens to music glorifies crime murder drug dealers but police are problem

Quote of the Day

quote elon musk if want to accomplish great things no better place than usa

Message of the Day

message dear leftists have fun trashing america now novermber 3rd see how out of touch silent majority

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