07-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

ny daily news kuntzman ar 15 recoil loud 8 year old that was fun
order 3 ways online adult happy meal does it come with toy
cat when your human hasnt left in months 9 lives too long
were leftists were allowed to be hypocritical
stalin cancel culture is real no it isnt disappear people
why so many folks concerned stimulus checks dead people make them pay in back when they vote in november
aoc love what youve done with place omar i wanted minnesota like home
defund the police iceberg police brutality enabling child abuse gang violence domestic violence
kermit please dont block traffic with protests have to go to work to pay for your welfare
nfl im taking a knee fans im taking a hike
when pro choicers try to enforce masks my body my choice angry lady cat smudge
colin kaepernick earnings adoption scholarship protests when benched
babylon bee bible experts determine goliath died of covid 19
goya extra salty granualated liberal tears trump

Tweets of the Day

tweet adam carolla america now like marriage where wife brings up mistakes made when you were dating
tweet superhero everson facebook fact checking wayfarer deemed false without investigation
tweet newt gingrich black president mayors senators cabinet judges

Quote of the Day

quote joe biden poor kids are just as smart as white kids

Message of the Day

message oldiers gave up everything for country they love entitled brats take everything from country they hate antifa

Here’s Your Damn Science

American Academy of Pediatrics Encourages Schools to Open

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