07-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sign 2019 avoid negative people 2020 positive ones
of course want to lose weight dont want to get caught eat right exercise scams
trump shut border chinese virus need leader gives us hope media racist
democrat party throwing out black people from car after election
white privilege is myth most everyone poor or middle class work whole life
redskins dc swamp rats sponsored by blm nfl
squad what may seem new actually very old aoc ohar tlaib stalin marx lenin
groundhog day its day 117 of 15 days to flatten the curve
mitt romney undocumented democrat rino
when someone calls you capitalist as insult elon musk laughing
joe biden buy american hire trump speech plagiarism
babylon bee unidentified suspect orange lives matter paint over
on same day trump expanded hispanic opportunities they announce boycott of goya

Random Thoughts of the Day

Is there one single member of the mainstream media that is in favor of ANY return to normalcy? And was there a single doubt that the media and the rest of the Democratic power structures would be all-hands-on-deck against re-opening of schools for the simple reason that Trump is in favor of it? Science doesn’t matter. Concerns of working parents don’t matter. Psychological welfare and academic advancement of kids don’t matter. The almost nonexistent covid death rate of kids doesn’t matter. School opening MUST be opposed because like everything else in this plandemic, chaos and misery must be maximized so voters blame the person in charge. Message to Democrats: you can actively oppose Trump’s re-election without trashing the nation in the process. And you’re unwittingly driving a lot of people who dislike Trump and would have voted against him into changing their support.

kids look so cute in back to school outfits hazmat suit

Tweet of the Day

tweet rogan ohandley somalian systematic racism obama aoc omar

Quote of the Day

quote lion our character is not defined by battles we win or loss those we dare to fight

Message of the Day

trump if press did job properly wouldnt have to spend so much time on twitter telling truth

The More You Know

more you know commutations by president trump obama bush clinton

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One thought on “07-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Of course Elon Musk is NOT a capitalist, but rather a CRONY-Capitalist. Government imposed the carbon-credit scheme that is netting him billions from gasoline-powered car manufacturers, monies are stolen from taxpayers to subsidize the purchase of his electric vehicles, nearly every penny his Space-X projects receive is first stolen from taxpayers (or printed out of thin air thus stealing value from every dollar in circulation), and so much more. The fact that “capitalism” and “crony-capitalism” (economic fascism) are used interchangeably is the great hoax of both worthless political parties. The GOP uses them interchangeably so that their base will still think they care about free market capitalism while delivering profits to their big business friends in a way that only crony-capitalism will, and the democrats do it so that people will equate the massive failures and income inequalities that crony-capitalism delivers, with free market capitalism, so that this wonderous, life-affirming, humanity-sustaining, economic system will never be looked upon as anything other than corrupt and a failure.

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