07-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

edited blazing saddles for tv 7 minutes long
how to tell if being manipulated if tv news on yes
no matter how low chances being killed by monkey never zero close business wear monkey protection mask
imagine if you will world people dont grasp liberty basic economics decide how you live
mainstream media ghislaine maxwell homer simpson garage boycott goya
amish wonder why you dont have covid dont have tv
cancel cluture apology booth turn in spine
de blasio criminal release program tying cops target trumps fault rising murder rate gun violence
trump biden 2020 debate joe on tv
zuckerberg you mean theres too many trump supporters to delete
not one politician died from virus lost job business looted yall being played
washinton thinskins liberal pussy hat redskins rename

While Editorials Are Still Allowed in America

editorial opposing view we do not consent to masked america

UPDATE: USA Today decided to not publish this editorial after all!

dr simone gold usa today editorial censored er doctor

Tweet of the Day

tweet hydrocloroquine cure doesnt make anyone rich no power control

Message of the Day

message being labeled racist like witch middle ages mobs ignorant rioters never question it

Quote of the Day

quote virus here to stay best defense not mask proper nutriution healthy lifestyle strong immune system

Did You Know?

did you know same attorney released 36 rioters indict mccloskeys defending property

Stay Home, Stay Safe

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