07-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

everyday covid check whiskey smell taste dr johnny walker
why make so many coronavirus memes i have problems what about bob
google monitored by fbi my agent is a hoe
people so well get our freedoms back right governors laughing
when you ask marxists incentives price theorty basic human nature reality can be whatever i want
flying with new world order everyone in hazmat suit
taylor swift milllions singing bad choices in men endorses joe biden
joe biden driving ms crazies pelosi aoc
breaking news police replace sirens with national anthem so suspects stop take knee
me explaining to kids how guy dying during arrest in minnesota led to rangers havingt to change name
can you get regular sick or is everything corona
media tale of two states de santis florida compared to cuomo new york
fauci mask not about safety about control
blm street i fixed it get a fucking job

Striving for New Levels of Stupidity

bill de blasio stupid value put 100k new york children in daycare can we call it school

Flashback Reminder

trump reagan back in 1987 pelosi schumer blamed reagen then 32 years later trump

Tweets of the Day

tweet herman cain lightfoot big tax increases coming
tweet being libertarian woke used to be ignore lying media now militant arm of cnn 2020

Quote of the Day

quote thomas paine he who cannot offend cant be honest

Message of the Day

message real pandemics dont require fake tests death counts psych operations do

Random Thought of the Day

Liberals always whine about the electoral college, saying that Hillary won the popular vote and should be president. There are pros and cons to the electoral college process, but you cannot say Hillary would have won if the election was straight popular vote. Why? Because millions of Americans don’t vote in states where the margins are not close, most notably in California and New York. It’s a waste of time. If you’re a Republican in those states, why would you stand in line knowing there’s zero chance your vote will mean anything? If we actually did a nationwide popular vote for presidency, millions more people would vote, and swing states like Iowa, Ohio, and Virginia wouldn’t hold such disproportional power.

Question of the Day

question in last 4 years can you name anything democrats did didnt involve hatred of trump pelosi schumer nadler omar aoc waters

Those Damn Small Business Protesters

graph cases small business protests riots blm pride marches increase in cases

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