07-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

babylon bee white house adds cry room for reporters jim acosta
bathroom urinal what the hell give it a try 6 feet
if life gives you lemons simple surgery can give you melons
kayleigh mcaney next dumb irrelevant question please
simpsons could this be lie we need to believe agencies caught daily cooking numbers lying to us
minnesota governor walz well allow riots feds bail us out trump no
joe biden is rusty still in the navy
nurse ratched covid 19 over the cuckoos nest wear mask or else government
woke liberals should replace national anthem song represents us send in clowns dont know history
why would i use tik tok when steal data for china use facebook who sell to china true patriot
red maga hat make speech free again
pledge allegiance to flag of slavery to the communist state liberty justice for none masks

Question of the Day

question good morning everyone what personal freedom or liberty should we give up today keep us safe

Tweets of the Day

tweet titania mcgrath dog owners stop saying good boy good girl to pets gendered language transdogs
tweet americans to know how canada political cartoons look these days
tweet year 2022 debate microchips explode within 6 feet just 15 days to slow spread
tweets tammy bruck wsj cdc 4-8 weeks stop covid masks
tweet james woods nancy pelosi confused why unmarked police cars domestic terrorists

Quote of the Day

quote charlie kirk if hate america shouldnt be leading should be leaving it

Message of the Day

message support black white friends but not kkk blm protests but not antifa

Random Thought of the Day

On policy aspects, can you find any issues where Democrats favor freedom & choice rather than imposing punishable rules they’ve decided “for your own good”? I suppose there’s abortion and rioting, but other than that? Republicans aren’t much better, but in this whole coronavirus plandemic, which side is fighting for the Constitution, personal liberties, and economic continuity? Which side is doing everything it can to implement Orwell’s 1984 society, all under the guise of “keeping us safe”?

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