07-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me preparing for second half 2020 watermelon
the future copying paper of the simpsons
awkward moment husband covid test or hooters sign comes home chicken wings
china winnie the pooh wuhan virus own google and biden too
mommy why no masks bullshit comes in through ears not mouth
next time you hear someone say defund police punch them see if they call 911
how did you survive coronavirus dad antibodies immune system
school kid to trump mommy likes you sick of commit bastards ruining country
facemask face you make when pedophiles war criminals care about your health
just realized 2020 theme song dont stand so close to me if not recorded by police
online streaming costs netflix hulu youtube disney harvard classes
babylon bee far right extremists suggest all races treated equally

“Conspiracy Theory”

federal judge son shot dead fedex driver days after epstein case hillary clinton

Random Thought of the Day

One last thought on masks: if they’re so effective, why weren’t we told in the beginning of all this? Couldn’t we have stopped Covid-19 immediately? And why do the people in charge like Dr. Fauci and Surgeon General Jerome Adams still have their jobs? By actively telling us for months NOT to wear masks, they were either utterly incompetent or telling us bald-faced lies? Instead the media and tech companies worship Fauci like he’s some saintly, all-knowing, never-wrong, incorruptible savior of the world. 🙄

dr fauci america bullshit detector on high
tweet rand paul dr fauci per capita death rate ny fl texas judgement
Dr. Fauci Explains Why You Don’t Need to Wear Mask
Surgeon General: Data Doesn’t Back Up Wearing Masks in Public Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
One Month After Statewide Mask Mandate, California’s Daily Covid Case Average Has Increased By 162%
It’s Time to Shame the COVID-19 Liars

Tweet from Political Rising Star

tweet kristi noem south dakota surplus covid 19 open for business

Quote of the Day

reagan quote american people not undertaxed government is overfed

Messages of the Day

message we are silent majority no air time america support coming in november
message wait until people just want to be left alone get involved rambo

The More You Know

size matters human hair coronavirus mask n95

Question of the Day

question if science developed covid 19 vaccine 99 percent effective return to normal human immune system

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