07-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kidnapper returning me after 20 minutes tf is wrong with her
went camping forgot shot glass spam second worst reason to carve hole block
dentist when i poke most tender part it bleeds your fault im sorry
martin luther kind board calling someone privileged because white judging by color of skin
obama nothing can fix economy 2016 2019 i fixed economy not trump 2020 not corona trump
kid wont stand for national anthem okay not played for pussies like you
sure defund police we can go back to old west way handling problems eastwood
my white privilege go to work pay taxes so i can be insulted by people who dont work
not to brag but i have toilet paper and coins

Random Thoughts of the Day

Unscientific poll time: can any of you reading this think of ONE example of a college professor or public school teacher at any level that is conservative, libertarian, or republican? If so, does this person feel free to express his or her political beliefs, or do they keep them hidden? It’s not difficult to see why we keep cranking out socialist, anti-American liberal robot kids from schools when everyone teaching them shares the same views. I remember installing computer apps in the faculty floors of UW-Green Bay during an election year. It looked like the DNC headquarters. The teachers unions nowadays seem far more concerned with political activities than the welfare of kids. Was there any doubt that once Trump came out in favor of schools re-opening that teachers unions would be 100 percent opposed? It’s especially despicable when teachers around the country are refusing to go back to work until long lists of demands completely unrelated to coronavirus are met. For such groups, I favor the same treatment Reagan used with striking air traffic controllers — fire them all! If you’re going to hold kids hostage strictly to further some leftist political agenda, then clearly you aren’t objective and caring enough to be teaching children.

Parent’s Fall Options As Public School Unions Hold America Hostage

NC Teachers’ Union Demands Universal Health Care, Welfare for Illegal Immigrants to Reopen Schools

Teachers Unions Donations Go 97% To Democrats

teachers dont want to go back to work schools closed grocery store works 1000s day
why are students such pansies those are professors protect safe spaces speech is violence
teachers union and we will use children to maintain wages not have to compete like non union
americans why do police protect bad cops keep employed teachers unions

Tweets of the Day

tweets teacher anyone thinks children will socially distance never met children yell corona like hands
tweet matt walsh leftism religion of self loathing hate race sex country history toxic

Quote of the Day

quote trey gowdy lockdown not about safety riots lynchmob media to take out trump

Question of the Day

covid if masks work why 6 feet if both work why the lockdown

Message of the Day

message has to be doctor not that one epidemiologist expert science narrative is old

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2 thoughts on “07-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Yes! You tell it like it is Joe!
    I wish this one little blurb to the teachers union should be shouted from the roof tops!! Well done sire thank you!

  2. Don’t buy into the supposed coin “shortage.” There is NO SHORTAGE. People have done the math, and unless everyone in the country is hoarding hundreds of dollars in coins in their house, there is more than enough to go around given how much people use plastic these days. This is a coordinated effort to abolish cash so that government can track your EVERY purchase and your EVERY move. They have been pushing this for quite some time, despite telling everyone to have plenty of cash in their emergency kits because when the power is out, cash will be king. They are now paying people to take their coins to their banks. DON’T fall for it. That is the way the vacuum up the rest of the coins. Next we will hear (as we already have) that the Coronavirus lives on paper money and change and that ONLY using plastic is “patriotic” or some other lie. WAKE UP. The vaccines will become a way to track us, our phones are a way to track us, now they want all our purchases tracked so they can block them when they way to fully control us. Cash IS KING. Retain it.

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