07-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

superbad when you see other people no mask gangstas whats up
rhinos mainstream media looking other way while elite sex cults exposed
amazon walmart covid 19 government beating up small businesses take that capitalism
if government advice on corona virus was a road sign
me trying to tell people immune system best defense covid 19 buried head in sand
communism according to college students free bread fun gulah camp compared to history
twitter admin protected speech all white people racist tear down society
joe biden brain trust omar bernie sanders aoc green new deal socialism
nicolas cage me not wearing mask paying in cash
babylon bee dr fauci wild pitch 100 percent accurate cnn

Tweets of the Day

tweet cindy ann microorganisms covid immune system
tweet jemele hill vote for trump racist blindly labeling americans racist everything wrong
tweet being libertarian same people kanye west mental issues ignore joe biden signs

Quote of the Day

quote ron paul americans masks lockdowns conditioning for totalitarian rule

Message of the Day

sorry if my patriotism offends you your lack of spine offends me more

Question of the Day

question why are rioters looters not responsible for actions but i am for stuff 200 years ago

For Your Own Good

Next Fauci-approved, science-backed government mandate to keep us safe. If you don’t do this to your car, you’re selfish and don’t care about other drivers on the road.

bus mask

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