07-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

if 2020 had a narrator sam kinison
when you get fedex package but remember all clinton memes youve made
washington post editorial washington lee university should be renamed
nba i love china what are lives matter words you keep using
put your mask on putting my health at risk fat scooter
everyone sorry coin shortage swear jar rough month
dr fauci baseball game stay home social distance wear mask also experts
mccloskeys guns everyone on halloween this year costume
joe biden scarecrow if onlw had you know a thing brain
nba social justice messages on jerseys shut up to free hong kong
democrat mayors blasting trump dont touch my garbage possum

Tweet of the Day

tweet bill mitchell irony best masks against covid deprive most oxygen co2 poisoning

Quote of the Day

quote joe biden white pople country need to be reeducated

Message of the Day

message death rate 100 percent you get to choose if you want to live in fear or not

Random Thoughts of the Day

In your lifetime, have you ever heard the media lie, distort, or sensationalize stories to pump ratings and destroy politicians they hate? Have you ever heard a politician/government official lie or exaggerate to push an agenda or cover their asses? Have you ever seen scientists push inaccurate information later disproven by more studies & evidence? In the answers are Yes, in the most hostile & politicized environment since the Civil War, why do so many of you think that anyone who doubts the powers-that-be on Covid are stupid, uneducated, brainwashed, selfish, etc.? Maybe these people have just seen enough BS in their lifetimes and are simply relying on their own experience and common sense? 🤔

Fake News Media Report

maxwell epstein biggest story on planet media not 1 question asked indians name change
nick sandmann settlement with washington post fake news lose

True Courage

courage sf giants sam coonrod refuses to kneel to blm

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