07-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when we make contact with aliens in august please put on mask
rabbits signs personal responsibility victimhood everything unfair
time person of the year democracy proves why americans need 30 rounds mccloskeys
kayleigh mcaenany baked you some shut the fucupcakes
have to get fascist federal agents out of portland tried not burning down courthouse
bravo lima mike whiskey blm was founded by marxists
2020 turned life into early 2000s video games cardboard fans baseball
rioters told taxes price to pay to live in civilized society want refund
if you think youre not being manipulated by media ask yourself why sign doesnt have shadow
barr that face you make when criminals are questioning your integrity
abc peaceful demonstrations are intensifying dynamite
vice president joe biden unavailable for interview running from chris wallace
cruise i want the truth barr rioting began may feds portland july i reclaim my time

Random Thought of the Day

I don’t know if there’s ever been any topic the media, Big Tech, and the rest of the Ruling Class has tried to censor more than Hydroxychloroquine, or really, ANY alternative Covid solution to endless lockdowns, masks, panic, and a magical vaccine that may come in the future. And what incentive is there really to make up info about HCQ — it’s a cheap, off-patent drug that’s been on the market for decades? You still need an Rx to get it, and if there’s a risk to taking it, shouldn’t it be each patient’s choice? No one is getting rich from it. No one is politically benefiting, and doctors who promote it are subjecting themselves to the social media mobs. So, why such ferocious tech censorship? If the science is so clear, shouldn’t it be easy to refute? “Conspiracy theories” are seeming more believable every day.

google we decide what you see
listen to doctors not her black voices find a cure not that one

Tweets of the Day

tweet avi yemini keep telling us listen to experts cancel ones dont say what you want
tweet larry elder public school teachers california demands coronavirus covid

Quote of the Day

quote alexis de tocqueville democracy aims equality in liberty socialism servitude

Question of the Day

question 1 billion dollars raised by black lives matter where is money going other than buses and riots

Message of the Day

people say cops need more longer training you had 18 years to teach kid not to be thug criminal

The More You Know

n95 warning general public wearing cloth mask not recommended letter

Other Links That May Interest You

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