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I don’t know if there’s ever been any topic the media, Big Tech, and the rest of the Ruling Class has tried to censor more than Hydroxychloroquine, or really, ANY alternative Covid solution to endless lockdowns, masks, panic, and a magical vaccine that may come in the future. And what incentive is there really to make up info about HCQ — it’s a cheap, off-patent drug that’s been on the market for decades? You still need an Rx to get it, and if there’s a risk to taking it, shouldn’t it be each patient’s choice? No one is getting rich from it. No one is politically benefiting, and doctors who promote it are subjecting themselves to the social media mobs. So, why such ferocious tech censorship? If the science is so clear, shouldn’t it be easy to refute? “Conspiracy theories” are seeming more believable every day.

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