08-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

are you democrat or republican am libertarian 4 hours later thats how fdr ruined this country
for 1200 dollars will come to house hazmat covid rescue 14 day fishing
omg where taking antifa in van home to moms basement
people telling me if dont wear mask dont care about others thought made that clear
white men evil not wrong class this is calculus
burning looting minority businesses antifa bod strategy democrats
bill gates tom hanks bill clinton epstein island guantanamo
democrats psychiatrist rosarch test everything peaceful protest media
if they told you clown nose would stop the virus youd wear it
black democrat dies lets have big indoor funeral repubican deserved it

The Media/Deep State/Big Tech Axis Powers War on Cov-id Solutions Continues

are 2 problems hydroxychloroquine cheap donald trump recommended
danny carlton of course liberals want to ban hydroxychloroquine cant create fear if valid treatment
forecast covid propaganda misinformation lying bastards in government expect more
imagine if they scrubbed child porn from web as fast as hydroxychloroquine
want to know truth facebook twitter youtube bans blocks

Quote of the Day

quote john hawkins never stop talking about racism maybe time for arson looting rioting throwing at police

Tweets of the Day

tweet cj pearson keeping colleges closed this fall far more likely to stop spread of communism than covid
tweet buck sexton john lewis funeral dc quarantine laws just for little people
tweet tammy bruce cnn individuals with cervix

Message of the Day

message you know what stops rioting looting assaults and arson prison

Lesson on the Day

guide to settled science political agenda censorship media twitter youtube google conspiracy

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