08-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

middle ages end of plague wine orgies anything planned like that
trailer bye california 4 more taxpayers not funding your dumb ideas
1980s people want to know what future looks like 2020 lets go back to 80s
bears cant eat protesters may have virus what about ones in masks
joe biden those are the hard questions ill be asking here are the answers media
defund the police dispatch 39.95 intruder membership
chicaco last mayor 1931 lightfood gop republicans caused all their problems
white liberal chicks blacks are oppressed am your savior cant make it without me

Tweets of the Day

tweet trump jr elon musk left losing middle and minds
obama tells room packed full of people unsafe must vote by mail cant make up this stupidity

Quote of the Day

quote thomas jefferson tyranny legal for government not for citizenry

Message of the Day

people under desk government told them protect from nuclear bomb sound familiar masks

Random Thought of the Day

You’ve seen recently how the media, democrats, and Big Tech have handled information on hydroxychloroquine–absolute censorship & attack. There can be 20 studies proving it’s effectiveness for Covid-19 and 1 study that shows negative results. The media & democrats endlessly touts the 1 negative study, and Big Tech uses the 1 study as justification to label any posts as “misinformation” so they can remove it. This is a perfect illustration why you can’t trust anything on climate change “science”, or really any science promoted by the Left. Google buries any research or scientific opinions that question climate change claims, while the media NEVER will cover such stories. With hydroxychloroquine, you’ve seen the Left would gladly sacrifice hundreds of thousands of lives if anything challenges their narrative & political agenda. Consequently, you should be highly skeptical when you hear claims of climate change “settled science”, along with the trillions of spending and crushing tax hikes needed to “fix” it.

over 200 countries flying private jets to climate change conference to get me to stop driving suv
climate change a timeline ice age acid rain global warming cooling
climate change bans democrats meat deniers aoc sanders warren
evolution of climate change scam world will end if we dont take action
climate change if temps below or above average anywhere in world is catastrophe

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