08-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

nature arnold how starbucks feels serve coffee plastic cups no plastic straws
shawshank redemption what you in for my mask slipped off in walmart
charlie brown just two more weeks us government kicking football
dr fauci orders shut down businesses facemasks goggles face shield hazmat suit
democrats requesting 50 million for convention security just get some gun free zone signs
aliens when you invade earth but have to spend two weeks in quarantine
bill clinton denies giuffre epstein island 2 young girls again seriously
im no longer calling it covid 19 election infection
me in 2019 world is amazing place worth fighting for 2020 is it though
cant wave magic wand make pedophilia go away walking dead negan bat
babylon bee trump tweet apple a day keeps doctor away twitter facebook censored

Tweet of the Day

tweet zach matt want to live in world both options for president good

Quote of the Day

quote karl marx gib me dat for free hungry santa

Message of the Day

bill gates software developer allowed to speak on cov19 but not medical doctors if you dont see problem youre part of it

Question of the Day

question if 100 percent of someones income is slavery what percentage is it not

New Member of the Swamp/Deep State

Good Riddance To Drudge – Derek Hunter

drudge report then 2016 trump now orange man bad run by google angry woman

Lesson of the Day

4 reasons hydroxychloroquine doesnt work liberals must keep america locked down election

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One thought on “08-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I would like to live in a country where people finally wake up and look at the two horrible options being offered up by the two failed major political parties and say “enough is enough” and finally vote for any or all of the 3rd party options instead. And then, they demand that “none of the above” be on every ballot, in every race, and that if NOTA wins, NONE of the candidates running can participate in the re-do of the election. That is actually how the Libertarian party already runs EVERY internal election they hold. Yeah, holding the candidates accountable to the voters, not just forcing them to take whatever crap is offered up.

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