08-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sign this show is boring boss this is zoom meeting
finally they muzzled the right species dogs leash
not fair we are peaceful protesters lumping us with few bad apples welcome to the club
kermit trying to decide if i should start some shit today or not
trump standing up to tanks eu fake news hollywood iran china billionaires deep state gates un ecb
trump wartime president rinos covid 19 media rinos economy
he died of natural causes pushed off roof gravity coronavirus record
i would trust a sibling telling me electric fence is off before anything on news
this is how separate men from spoiled little boys police officer saluting players kneeling
gathering to read bibles not permitted to burn them ok
physician eye chart if you think this is peaceful protester too stupid to hold congressional office
ok to be all 3 covid real political public control right to wear mask or not

Tweet of the Day

tweet adam carolla constitution founding fathers never forsaw shitty governors newsom garcetti

Quote of the Day

quote milan kundera first step liquidating people erase its memory books culture history books

Message of the Day

Just keep pushing the people that want to be left alone.

message where is your mask son rambo just keep pushing

Question of the Day

question no one is arresting antifa terrorists does that mean patriots can also come out and play gladiator

How to Live Your Life in Fear

Link: https://www.facebook.com/awakenwithjp/videos/2687512044681990/

You’re Welcome

your meme dealer played important part helping you get through 2020

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