08-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

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Big Tech Fascism Meme Gallery 2

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

if youre ugly with pretty eyes this is your moment
just released 2020 fisher price work from home playset
learned 2020 carry alcohol wherever you go people are stupid youll want to get drunk
vagina purse wife doesnt like name
breaking bad 3 million for 3 months work mr white cure coronavirus
charlie brown what happened to younger generation everyone gets a trophy stupid
clown 15 days flatter curve peaceful protests defund police arrest not wearing masks vaccine open economy
nancy pelosi 80 year old virus still no cure
awards fewest covid 19 deaths andrew cuomo celebrating 50th place
mask bearring percentage risk blm 0 percent
clintons hollywood british royal families outside maxwell prison cell reservoir dogs guns office
babylon bee state governor mandates everyone wear snorkels in case fall in pool

Tweet of the Day

tweet were now at point where professional athlete explain why didnt kneel anthem marxists are winning

Quote of the Day

quote albert einstein one who follows crowd gets no further

Message of the Day

message im not afraid to die afraid to live on my knees in world controlled by lesser men who control destiny of children

Question of the Day

question keep saying wearing mask will stop how many more months will it take

Danny Carlton on Masks

Why masks?
– Masks show you are willing to obey dictates of the state that have no real basis in science or medicine.
– Masks divide people, keeping them from much of the non-verbal communication that creates and reinforces commonality and human bonding.
– Masks help pedophiles more easily abduct and hide children who are then unable to be identified as well as muzzled.
– Masks impersonalizes Individuals so they can then focus more on obeying the Collective.
– Masks hide your emotions so others can more easily think of you as not really human.
– Masks have the psychological effect of making you feel separated and alone, thus more easily manipulated by the State as another useful drone.
– Masks create health problem that can then be blamed on the fake pandemic, thus creating more “crisis” for the State to “protect” you from.
– Masks are a reminder, with each breath that you are owned by the State; that you are property and not in control.
– Masks become a collective symbol, spreading the psychological message that the State controls us all. Resistance is futile.

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