08-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

facebook better not be here spreading truth zuckerberg
me and boys curing entire planet of alderaan coronavirus
every workplace has this crew hangover does work no idea says will help doesnt disappears
8am camping trip we should eat breakfast before we drink opening beer
thats not my car stick family how many rioters ive hit
joe biden puppet of soros bloomberg pelosi schumer zuckerberg china cnn debate stage
democrats reading 2nd amendment shall not be infringed unless .01 percent use for evil
blm trojan horse communism in america cnn democrats welcoming traitors
media decision buttons investigating claims powerful people raping children trump is fascist
mainstream media trump no business pushing drugs hydroxychloroquine tds injection soviet kids vaccine
babylon bee public school teachers continue to insist non essential

Random Thoughts of the Day

Dr. Fauci recently whined that much of the nation is “anti-science” and prone to “conspiracy theories”. Can you think of anything more anti-science than the media’s, Big Tech’s, and his obsession with censoring any voices that don’t agree 100% with current government pronouncements? It’s one thing to attack or refute alternative viewpoints from other scientists and doctors, but the Leftist Ruling Class has decided you’re NOT ALLOWED to even hear them! Everyone knows there is fake and inaccurate information throughout the web, but far-left liberals like Fauci, Zuckerberg, Bezos, and Dorsey have decided you’re too stupid to know the difference. When you censor, you only make so-called conspiracy theories seem more like the truth.

Just a reminder, when the Left complains we should “listen to the experts”, Dr. Fauci is only one expert in a narrow area of science. He hasn’t practiced treatment medicine in decades. He’s not an expert in pharmacology, psychiatry, or other practical areas of medicine. And let’s remember that the actual virus is only one consideration. Fauci isn’t an expert in economics. He’s not a school teacher. He doesn’t own a small business or have young kids to educate. He doesn’t work in the travel or service industries. There are so many other considerations to take into account. Plus, in the one area he is supposed to be an expert, epidemiology, he’s been dishonest and woefully inadequate. Fauci has been raised to exalted status by the media and Big Tech for one reason only–he’s a tool!…a tool that can be used to attack Trump, incite perpetual fear, and assure the economy stays in shambles until November 3rd. Dr. Fauci is now a symbol of the Deep State Left. Nothing he says from this point on should be given an ounce of credibility.

Time For Fauci (and Birx) to Exit Left Stage – Andy Biggs

dr fauci effective tomorrow use lubricant insert finger into rectum to prevent spread of covid 19

Tweets of the Day

tweet waybe root not 1 race election night gop candidate came from behind 20 times democrat
tweet melugin la mayor shutting off water power parties unathorized gatherings
tweet john stossel americans elon must space landing private competition always better

Quote of the Day

tweet john stossel americans elon must space landing private competition always better

Message of the Day

message were getting the band back together patriots drummers

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