08-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

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Political Memes and Funny Pictures

mtv turns 39 this year thanks for 14 years of music
when you take kid to play paintball end up on other team baby yoda sights
back to school clothes hazmat astronaut suit kid
been waiting my entire adult life coronavirus socially distance from kids
regular parents we have to open schools supposed to leave children alone parents of 90s
bald eagle me walking back to my car because forgot mask
cmon man communist china not all bad trump america 1st you lying dog faced pony soldier
my boss said sick case of corona angry lady cat smudge
1975 compared to today kids riding in truck masks bubble wrap
joe biden gone 2 days without insulting black people eraser please

Tweet of the Day

tweet cloyd river coronavirus not trumps fault ebola not obama sars not bush few herpes bill clintons fault

Quote of the Day

quote john hawkins cuomo worst coronavirus like asknig ray nagin for hurricane advice

Message of the Day

message never forget found in epstein house painting clinton blue dress

Question of the Day

question did you notice media stopping calling ar15 assault once antifa blm protests

Spoiled POS Athlete Privilege

nike pays lebron james 38.6 million per year factory workers in china make 20 cents hour

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