08-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

if im ever murdered said something absolutely perfect person no sense of humor
dog driving trying to decide face mask insanity or keep driving leave society for good
we all have that one friend be nice before introducing
government when pandemic is over why shouldnt i keep emergency powers
they live glasses pandemic dem panic
trump reporter american public would benefit from honest reporting
teachers union defund police medicare for all ban charter schools use kids as shield education
terminator patriot left is out there cant be bargained reasoned with

Tweet of the Day

tweet brit hume 53 studies hydroxychloroquine

Quote of the Day

quote before you diagnose depression be sure youre not surrounded by assholes

Messages of the Day

message i trust my immune system more than bill gates politicians or government scientists
message politician uses stimulus pandemic no better than looter natural disaster

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