08-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

most common words people use incorrectly to too their theyre racist
dr fauci scientific advice wear mask dont virus not threat millions die charlie brown
scientists looking at money power instead of science
kamala harris qualifications woman black reporter
how many democrats to change light bulb rather sit in dark blame trump
joe biden dont always make racist comments but when i do i get away with it
mexican word of day when kamala harris started politics burned knees on carpet
limited government republicans after election but if we use power for good lord of rings
democrats so confident in ability to cheat this is candidate joe biden
pelosi bailout poorly managed states first trump throwing preserver to people drowning
babylon bee biden gaffe teleprompter says vice president pick insert woman of color here
family circus started in a where is your mask so i punched his bitch ass

Tweets of the Day

tweets sd governor kristi noem covid choices getting back to normal
tweet tj eckert score democrats pushed bernie rejected medicare for all pot legalization rich white guy cop ticket

Quotes of the Day

quote truth in plain sight hollywood pedophilia weinstein shut fuck up

Message of the Day

message goebbels we called it control of information one day people will call it fact checking

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One thought on “08-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Best set of images and tweets so far! I can hardly wait for the Horizontal Harris waves of humor to come. You folks might make the next couple of months tolerable.

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