08-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when have sex she says dont break heart penis doesnt reach that far
when kid wants to read before bed go the fuck to sleep
stuff you need id for rx license plane but racist for voting
fact hooters hasnt launched home delivery service knockers lost opportunity
joe biden created the police state kamala harris enforced it 2020
party says right is sexist racist chose vp based solely race sex change my mind
trump writing on wall for good time call kamala harris knee pads
mlk martin luther king i have dream children can loot stores call in reparations
farley kamala harris remember when you said believed biden sexual accusers and hes racist awesome
joe biden right now why are you booing me shes black

If It Works, the FDA Will Ban It

ivan drago my body after taking russian covid 19 vaccine

Tweets of the Day

tweet david webb kentucky school teacher private teacher for kids
tweet john cardillo virus can now tell time infect only conservatives at large gatherings help teachers unions before kids start school
tweet zuby city mayors ok homelessness crime looting anarchist opening business mask going to chuch no

Quotes of the Day

quote abraham lincoln cant help poor by destroying rich inciting class hatred
quote joe biden every single american should wear mask 3 months outside

Message of the Day

message just because someone isnt afraid covid doesnt mean believe just prioritize over fear

Question of the Day

question george floyd national attention 5 year boy murdered not gonna mention mainstream media

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