08-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

having kids makes you realize how dumb your lies used to sound to your parents
sign warning to avoid injury dont tell me how to do my job
sign when virus over still want some of you stay away from me
joe biden cant pick up bat debates democrats dont need anymore
exposing pedophile ring mainstream media nothing guess you guys arent ready for that yet back to future
joe biden picking kamala harris for sister no wife the thing vice president
obiwan democrats nominate rich white guy cop you have become thing you swore to destroy
joe biden where do you want kamala harris baggage vp new greed deal willie brown gun ban
joe biden elizabeth warren no offense i chose the other indian kamala harris
mainstream media soldier dragging joe bidens campaign
joe biden kamala harris bright articulate clean looking democrats no
lori lightfoot mayor chicaco burning protesters put on mask

Tweets of the Day

tweet suggest tell you kids help clean up they wont but will disappear leave alone
tweet tell kids important to learn senseless algebra so they can help teach only kids
tweet need help get my life together waiting see if world end put in effort
tweet honestly thought kamala harris died after tulsi gabbard murdered her in debates
tweet candace owens joe biden national mask mandate senile candidate seems running for president of iran
tweet we are silent majority will come out in november

Quote of the Day

quote james madison oppressors tyrannize only if army enslaved press disarmed populace

Message of the Day

message someone at va 90 something in wheel chair bigger badass at 20 than youll ever be thank him

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