08-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

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Kamala Harris Meme Gallery

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

essential workers big check going to people on unemployment
me if i crash land on island in 2020 dont send help
bike virus killing people quarantine country illegal to do business see capitalism failed we need socialism
kamala harris my family came jamaica from india exploit black slaves now pretend black for votes
tulsi gabbard seeing kamala harris vp choice how many times teach biden this lesson old man sponge bob
2020 bike race trump motorcycle biden geyser bike
farley remember when posed with ice border patrol cop kamala harris that was awesome
me who watches non cnn news democrats realizing biden wrote crime bill patriot act
2020 ballot made simple trump jobs biden harris mobs

No Media Bias Detected

washington post headlines trump brother compared abu bakr austere religious scholar

Tweet of the Day

tweet candace owens excited watch kamala harris play black woman card maga

Quote of the Day

quote tara reade biden staffer sexual assault accuser kamala harris ignoring will for power

Message of the Day

message sign just gotta take it one are you fucking kidding me at a time

Random Thought of the Day

On the subjects of voter ID and mail-in ballots, forget what the media tells you, what evidence exists, or what you find on Google for pros/cons. Use your common sense & logic. Do you think there is a greater chance of voter fraud or not if votes can be made without picture identification or some kind of in-person verification? When one political party is pouring more effort than any other issues to push mail-in votes and no picture ID laws, do you think that party really wants an honest election, or do they want to create more opportunities to cheat?

nancy pelosi cure for america soviet vaccine bailouts checks for illegals mail in ballots
3 reasons democrats want to extend quarantine cheat mail in ballots keep biden off trail crash economy blame trump
tweets post tom fitton 1 million coronavirus stimulus payments sent to dead people mail in voting no fraud

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