08-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

vodka ouzo whiskey gin ice destroys heart liver ice is the problem
coworker can smell alcohol under mask back up karen were in pandemic here
please wear mask nothing with coronavirus some of you just ugly
simpsons democrats kamala harris innocent marijuana convictions vote blue no matter what homer
3 toughest jobs in america police officer crab fisherman joe biden sign language interpreter
arm wrestle jailing black people for victimless crimes kamala harris joe biden
kamala harris moderate mask green new deal defund police open borders
ap headlines california kamala harris first indian american 2016 2020 first black woman
kermit chicks matching purses to clothes but not babies to daddies
aoc crying about mailboxes in cages

Tweets of the Day

tweet patricia dickson first black woman vp and her white family black power
tweet anthony sabatini just had russian vaccination no side effects russian
tweet bubba wallace rope 5 weeks attention 5 year old cannon hinnant murder not mentioned

Quotes of the Day

quote tony blair simple way to measure country look who wants to get in and out

Message of the Day

message not single democrat condemned antifa blm violence aiding and abetting

Question of the Day

question why arent non maskers all dead yet its been 5 months

The Deep State New World Order

constitution i cant breathe face mask

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