08-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cars lined up drop off line night before schools open back up
kitty alcohol blender when you realize good chance kids never go back to school
sign rite aid pharmacy get your f u shot
remember sarah palin then dont tell me kamala harris cant be criticized as woman
joe biden inauguration poisoning kamala harris laughing game of thrones
statists nothing wrong with post office usps needs billions now decision
football players how would i know what im protesting cte concussion
trump bill joe biden biggest covid fear losing sense of smell
if you can protest in front of the usps builing you can vote in person

Tweets of the Day

tweet dave ramsey 79 percent millionairs inherited 0 dollars
tweet democrats will tear down statues of slave owners but nominate descendent of one cant make up hypocrisy
tweet deva dalporto love my family but not 24 7 365 every waking hour

Quote of the Day

quote highest form of ignorance when you reject something you dont know anything about it wayne dyer

As If We Needed a Study

Newsbusters Study: 150 TIMES More Negative News on Trump than Biden

Message of the Day

message nfl nba mlb nascar this is how it is done kid national anthem

Question of the Day

question what america will you vote for patriotic flag trump riots destruction masks joe biden

Hey, Big Tech Fascists, How About Fact-Checking ANYTHING from the Left?

debunking lefts latist lie trump usps funding

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