08-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

New Meme Gallery Added

Political Correctness & Censorship Meme Gallery 2

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

babylon bee dr pepper more trusted than dr fauci poll
police why didnt report stolen credit card thief spending less than wife
joe biden fresh prince of smell hair
joe biden if you drive alone in convertible with mask on you can be president
question anyone ever notice pandemic just dem surrounded by panic
joe biden 2020 plane dropping mail in ballots
joe biden agenda karl marx love bernie green new deal open borders defund police
oregon trail you have died of y2k anthrax west nile sars bird flue ecoli recession covid 19
rural america antifa coming for you grandma ar 15 hurry got pie in oven
newman seinfeld look you give them safest way vote by mail
babylon bee guide to stupid news cycle trump democrats media conspiracy theories

Boycott Alert

goodyear ban blue lives matter maga speech allows blm

Tweets of the Day

tweet nicole arbour not single celebrity epstein flight logs came out explain
tweet kayleign mcenany in first 2 days of dnc trump visited 4 places joe biden basement

Quote of the Day

quote what i was talking to the dog daily conversation in my house

Message of the Day

message if masks work we can vote in person sign

“Fact Check” Lesson

They really just need to add a “Fact, But Doesn’t Fit Narrative” category.

fact check kamala harris decended from slave owner true but not deep dark secret

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