08-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

stupid teachers doesnt know shit about history english vodka mom is doing her best
babylon bee public school teacher zoom session in antifa
kamala harris call out biden racism inappropriate touching maybe be vice president buttons
liberal logic criticize obama racist kamala harris racist and sexist democrats
joe biden democrats started with 30 candidates i am cream of that crop
corona virus trying to figure out if im protesting in person or voting in person
voting in united states 2 party system recycle bin garbage same
good year blimp crashing burning politcal correctness
will people in charge of covid cases be counting mail in ballots
lori lightfoot chicago if don king and beetlejuice had baby
john kasich rino yes to amnesty spending obamacare never trump
michelle obama trump housed children in cages barack that was me
goodyear foot to head blm rioter boycott

Tweet of the Day

tweets will ricciardella espn ja adande free speech 2nd amendment

Quote of the Day

quote lee davinci never called racial slur until became trump support white liberal

Message of the Day

message what if it told you television program designed psychologically alter how view reality

Question of the Day

question hows that everybody gets a trophy no ass whooping working out for you

Flashback Summary

trump pelosi schiff deblasio health commissioner coronavirus timeline

Shhh! Don’t Tell the Mainstream Media or the Big Tech Censorship Overlords

MN Governor Quietly Reverses Course on Hydroxychloroquine

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4 thoughts on “08-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Thanks, man. Your work starts my day . Even if ever our philosophies seem to clash now-and-again, it is think-fodder. Thinking. Something, I think we all could do a bit more of.

  2. Thanks for the feedback and for following the site! Yes, I agree that any open-minded, thinking person should never agree with another person or party 100% of the time.

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