08-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kermit somewhere someone showering with mask on know it
rich athletes after protest oppressed private jet back show new sports car
little golden book dont brake for communists burn usa run over maga girl
rioters say country folk next realize they sit 30 feet up in tree all day to kill something
so they protest in person against voting in person election mail in ballots
they live remain terrified question nothing stay at home signs
liberals homeschooling deprives kids of socialization same wear masks stay 6 feet apart
wizard of oz joe biden pay no attention to far left socialist radicals behind curtain bernie aoc
babylon bee san francisco changes term convicted felons to more politically correct elected officials
california first world modern paradise lights go out

Is There Anything About Democrat Party Not Phony & Manufactured?

what a joke democrat national convention zoom call duplicate callers

Tweets of the Day

tweet found kid playing with dog instead of zoom can she post tutorial cut video
tweet will ricciardella if praising politician 50 years in government speech without hiccup might be in trouble

Quote of the Day

quote kamala harris if elected you dont surrender guns executive order police will show up at your door

Message of the Day

message please dont feed the fears thank you

Question of the Day

question why no tv channels nationwide with school curriculum

CNN: “We Don’t Have ‘Narratives’, We Just Report the News”

cnn comparison coverage hate crimes white black

Let’s Review

democrat response to emergency release prisoners investigate trump ban life saving drags lock up citizens steps

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