08-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

beautiful drug sniffing dog diesel still in training cop what
plexiglass at grocery counter check out like fence on side walk
would never risk my health by voting in public line at grocery store
school reopening simulator mentos media coke mentos
sign covid 19 like eating raw cookie dough know the risks let us live our lives
me homer simpson no mask society all wearing them car
republican national convention land of promise opportunity heroes dnc trump sucks america racist
california am i in dark world trump made no years of green energy policies
sign should be posted in stores mask fine no great dont enter force your opinion on others
liberal whining rose garden melania trump
confirmed nick sandmann highest paid cnn speaking at gop convention
office space 2020 do anything two hurricanes at the same time

I Wonder Why Big Tech Opposes Return to Normalcy?

us wealthist billionaires gain during pandemic bezos gates zuckerberg ballmer

Tweets of the Day

tweet when someone tells you can be anything you want dont listen baby boomer conspiracy to sell liberal arts degrees
tweet postal workers union endorses biden jason hoyt in what world deliver ballots

Quote of the Day

quote michele obama things can get worse just vote for biden mad max end of this horror

Message of the Day

message doctors used to say its a virus has to run its course

Question of the Day

question when does social distancing mask wearing end never get better than 99.7 survival

DNC Role Model

appearing at dnc convention donna hylton killed tortured homosexual lecture womens rights

White Supremacist Update

racists speaking at rnc carson haley scott media wont tell you

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2 thoughts on “08-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. As usual, great thought-provoker. Off now, to do some fact-checking. Anyone know a lie-free zone on the net? Anyone want to be notified if I fond one?

  2. Thanks for the feedback and for following the site. Good luck on the fact-checking…hopefully you can find some good other than the DNC ones (i.e. Snopes, Politifact, etc.).

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