08-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

hiding candy from kids in quarantine vegetable bag
new pissed off walk back to car forgot mask
fortune cookie youre as intelligent as you are good looking shit
defend police do over of wild west sounds exciting cowboys and liberal
meanwhile at joe biden residence trump is afraid of me hiding in basement
im on team joe biden wuhan china winnie the pooh
joe biden masked youre half indian call you tonto kamala harris no
nurse youve been in coma since april more than 14 days curve flattened government liberty back
defund police we cand police own community dis so liberals screaming
privilege is striking as professional athlete while everyone esle is prohibited from working kermit
joker felon pulled glock on 17 year old got arm blown off tired of pretending not funny

Leftist Protesting – the Best Protection Against Covid-19 in Existence

cnn headline comparison rnc march on washington covid
babylon bee covid show of solidarity vows not to affect anyone protesting

Not as Big of Story as First Lady and White House Lawn Changes

U.S. Marshals say they found 39 missing children in Georgia trailer during two-week operation

how is finding 39 missing children in a double wide trailer in Georgia not biggest news story in america

Could it be because the media spent the last week mocking QAnon, which is a group vocal about sex trafficking and global pedophilia rings? For the record, I know very little about QAnon, but I have zero trust in the way the media have portrayed their conspiracy beliefs. The people I know who mention it on social media have never once mentioned satanic cannibals or any of the most out-there belief tenets touted by MSM. Like everything labeled by the media as “conspiracy theories” nowadays, I’m sure there are some reasonable, evidence-backed, common sense explanations that expose and threaten some powerful people. However, part of their theories are clouded by a few fringe, crazy, incoherent people & ideas, which the media use to label the whole group and destroy credibility.

Tweets of the Day

tweet grease 2020 summer covid mask zoom meeting nights
tweet lewis slavati rand paul best senator against police militarization war on drugs left cant restrain
tweet buck sexton liberals nothing wrong with threatening senior citizens over politics also wrong pronoun actual violence

Quote of the Day

quote rob smith blessed live in place can achieve limitless life

Message of the Day

message quarantine restrict movement sick people tyranny when healthy people

Facts Lives Matter

black lives matter claim debunked by science sources

Simple question – do you think all these athletes, politicians, celebrities, and media commentators parroting their required “systematic racism” lines really brings people together and heals racial divisions? Or do you think it might foment anger & protests, which makes problems more difficult to solve and increases resentment in the non-racists who make up the vast majority of American citizens? Suggestion – might it be more helpful for high-profile people to point out real life stats on police shootings and mention the indisputable facts that committing felonies and resisting arrest are almost always behind these incidents? No one disputes there is racism in certain parts of society, but by constantly screaming “racism” for situations that are clearly NOT racism or that are statistical anomalies, you destroy credibility and willingness to listen.

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