09-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

antifa blm riots now lets hit suburbs guns stopping
wed rather go naked than wear mask finally protest can get behind
amazon customer service order cancellation kid fart pack
college students who wants socialism who wants to give away to people who didnt earn
bernie sanders aoc soviet using joe biden to break into white house
pelosi have to buy biden debates to find out what is in it
wondering why it takes pro sports multiple cameras slo mo instant reply to judget but 10 second camera for police
mainstream media refused to show truth about kenosha peaceful protesters
nancy pelosi that feeling when hair done while peasants lose their businesses

Random Thoughts of the Day

After the deaths of George Floyd and Jacob Black, the majority of the nation ws sympathetic to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. And although everyone agrees that black lives do matter, the BLM organization support has eroded to the point that most of the nation now strongly opposes it. Here are the reasons:

1. Professional athletes chose to attack America and protest during the National Anthem. Since the vast majority of Americans are patriotic, this is never going to help their movement.
2. BLM leaders haven’t forcibly condemned rioting & violence done in their name, with someone actively calling for it.
3. They’ve chosen criminals such as Jacob Black to honor as heroes and symbols of the movement. Wife beaters and sexual abusers are among the most despised people in America. You’re not going to win support by making them your poster children.
4. BLM has not done anything productive to help improve blacks or society (such as scholarship funds, job training programs, community cleanup, etc.).
5. BLM focuses all their attention on black criminals killed by white police. They don’t seem concerned about black-on-black crime, black police officers killed on the job, or other black lives.
6. BLM has become an arm of the Democrat Party. Rather than focus on solutions taken in a non-political way, they’ve gone all-in on supporting one political party, which only alienates half the country.
7. BLM has adopted a Marxist, anti-American platform, which further erodes their support as more people catch on to their goals.

blm except black conservatives cops republicans biz owners clown
tweet bernard kerik blm white crimiinal shoots cop not mentioned by nfl mlb nhl nba
blm trojan horse communism in america cnn democrats welcoming traitors
band of brothers antifa blm democrats burning flag protesters
democrats media shoving blm marx book down mouth of americans
black lives matter blm engine marxism
message support black white friends but not kkk blm protests but not antifa

Quote of the Day

quote government loves pandemics same reason as war impose controls on population otherise wouldnt rfk jr

Message of the Day

message if masks worked they would have been banned like hydroxychloroquine sign

Tweets of the Day

tweet because 3 months ago jacob black broke into home raped niece now nba demand justice not for her
tweet sky shaun king aharpton kamala blm antifa protesters

Question of the Day

question which medical procedure products forced ones you want neighbor to have ones your neighbor wants of you sandi raymond

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