09-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

growing old can be lot of fun cutting newspapers of unsolved murders for kids to find
obesity cancer flu suicide war deaths yawn corona take rights away
guide to staying safe from covid unsafe checklist trump biden church pelosi riots
government is a virus masquerading as its own treatment for the cure
hottest 2020 halloween costume joe biden grope sniff ear
kamala harris philadephia mayor nancy pelosi hypocrisy this is your democrat party
nancy pelosi i was setup by hair salon they owe me apology ms 13 jack daniels
millionaire question what do democrats hate most guns different opinions trump facts
inciting puppeteers pelosi kamala harris bernie aoc biden 2020 look like socialist rioters

Question of the Day

question what happens fail history class you repeat it

Tweets of the Day

tweet kimberly klacik favorite part trump endorsement only because black after biden picked vp based solely on race
message dont be fooled by name democrat party planned parenthood black lives matter

Quote of the Day

quote michael jordan never thought of myself as activist basketball player

Message of the Day

tweet tomi lahren leftists gaslighting country all summer implementing marxist agenda

They Will Never Get It

If Only the Media Hadn’t Peddled Fake Trump Scandals for the Past Four Years – Larry O’Connor
New Yorker Writer Frustrated That Trump Voters Can’t Be Swayed – Rush Limbaugh

The mainstream media has run 10+ hit pieces daily since Trump won the Republican nomination in 2016, almost always based on lies, distortions, double standards, or “anonymous” sources, yet they can’t understand why their credibility is shot to the point that most of the nation tunes them out? 🤔

democrat party mainstream media one big happy family cuomo rice jarrett obama
when debate is lost slander becomes tool of losers socrates mainstream media
mainstream media spin if trump does or doesnt branco
mainstream media is enemy of people are you awake cnn nyt post cbs abc msnbc google facebook

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One thought on “09-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Actually, “democracy” has been described (quite accurately) as “mob rule.” So YES, the Democratic Party most definitely is in favor of democracy. This country was supposed to be a Constitutional Republic, in which everyone was protected from everyone else and the government by the well-articulated limits imposed upon government power by the Constitution. Well, we know how that all went to hell, and how NEITHER major political party even bothers to give lip service to the limits on government power anymore…..but I digress.

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