09-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

if you trip fall friend ok good help up best friend walk much dumbass
blm maybe baseball politics mix was bad idea even cardboard fans leaving
please dont get political few shows later kenosha kyle flag
tshirt if north korea bombs us military should take knee let nfl players handle it
behold media invisible woman joe biden touched me where did she go
blm cancel culture racist rioters burn it down good thing came along joe biden trump bully
lebron james were not going to play anymore see nobody cares
russia china riots hate books didnt work release anonymous sources
tools that socialists use hammer sickle joe biden

Tweet of the Day

tweet sharyl attkisson scheduled scandals rolled out until november

Quote of the Day

quote left requires stay lock step with tyrannical rules but they are exception

Messages of the Day

message if masks work let people in hospitals nursing homes with loved ones if not take off children someone lying
deanna lorraine stop supporting companies that hate you alternatives gova my pillow oan ufc

Big Tech Fascism Update

twitter suspending account black lives matter jacob blake

For those of you who have Facebook groups, see below for some of the ways they use algorithms to find ways to censor you. PoliticallyIncorrectHumor.com used to have an associated Facebook page that reached 60,000 followers in 1 year and was growing quickly before being removed without warning or any appeal process. There were hundreds of comments daily posted in response to memes. All those were supposed to be monitored and censored according to Facebook standards?

facebook negative rating censorship policy

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5 thoughts on “09-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Joe….Parler is setting up a site similar to FakeBook, fyi (No censorship as long as it’s not illegal!!! HA!)

    • There are actually quite a few alternatives. The challenge is that Facebook is a “monopoly” with regards to business involvement, etc. and billions are already connected to each other via it. The beauty of things like email and texting is that you don’t have to be “subscribed” to an exclusive service in order to communicate with others. The minute someone comes up with an APP that can connect people regardless of their platform, and that cares about freedom and free speech, Facebook will be doomed.

    • Yes, Parler and MeWe are nice alternatives. I predict a future when conservatives and libertarians all gather on the free-speech sites, with Facebook hanging onto mainly liberals only. The younger generation doesn’t even use Facebook, so there’s hope.

  2. You know … facebook’s standards look suspiciously like the “social score” the ChiComs use to control their people. Especially with the “downvotes” equaling content that needs to be taken down.

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