09-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog sit shits damn mask
due to lack of fans nfl requiring new uniforms liberals jim carrey ace ventura
corona virus outside walmart trying to get around handrail 7 vested bouncers
covid restrictions for business mask capacity blind targets
based on number yard signs biden finish 3rd behind trump and garage sale
telling us trapped like rats no like people blindly trust government
lineup identify whos responsible for riot police man democrat
what the democrats promise what youre really getting cleavage ass cheeks

Tweets of the Day

tweet james woods mass rallies for joe biden dangerous millions will contract china virus church
tweet vetose thought summer wild wait until hoodie mask dark at 5pm
tweet emerald robinson dr fauci just non partisan public servant also ill be appearing atlantic hillary clinton samantha bee
tweet in high school tried anonymous sources was 9th grader not a journalist

Quote of the Day

quote some poor phoneless fool totally unaware how angry scared supposed to be duncan trussell

Message of the Day

message election advice vote regardless of polls you know democrats will cheat

The Face of Evil

george soros im taking over america militia antifa riots media control

Trump Derangement Syndrome Turns Democrats Into Anti-Vaxxers

Hint: They’re not really afraid of a vaccine. They’re only concerned Cov-19 hysteria will die down before the election.

tds kamala harris cant trust trump vaccine pelosi think twice biden where am i


reminder democrats sent swat teams shut down churches barbershops let looters antifa burn cities

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